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We have most recently worked with Photonics Research Ontario as a member of the Ontario Photonics Education and Training Association (OPETA) to develop and deliver photonics curricula for Ontario technical colleges: Niagra College and Algonquin College, at the technician, technologist, and bachelor of applied technology levels.
We also maintain Johann's Physics Jobs Page for those looking for physics jobs or physics people.
Physiciens sans Frontières, or in English: "Physicists without Borders" is the name under which I do physics and physics education consulting and related works. We are not in any way associated with Medecins sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, or any other "without borders" group, though we greatly admire the work that they do.

Our contact information is:

Physiciens sans Frontières
581 Gilmour Street
Peterborough, ON, K9H-2K3

tel: (705) 313-9167
fax: (208) 445-0200
www: <>

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